These days, there are various mobile applications that can help possible home buyers find the home of their dreams, look at local schools and neighborhoods as well as connect with a real estate agent from their mobile device. Additionally, home buyers and owners who wish to upgrade their homes can depend on applications for their renovation plans.

What’s great about these applications is that they provide people all nearby homes for sale on their location. After they click on nearby sales, they will have a list of properties, pictures and the apps tell them the price of those properties. These apps are recommended by some of the top 10 Indian real estate websites today. As home buyers, it may not be easy to decide on the app to download into their smart phones. However, there are some app features that they can take into account to choose the right app.

house Mobile App

Home Finder Based on Locations

Some home buying mobile apps are perfect for buyers who want an entertaining way to learn about some homes. These apps are meant convert a curious home buyer into a confident one. A lot of applications can overwhelm buyers but location-focused apps are geared to individuals early in the process who wish to check out homes in their specific areas. Buyers get the address and pictures and then just swipe their smart phone screen to show whether or not they like a house.

Data Provision

With these apps, users take a picture of a house using their smart phone and the application instantly generates various data that include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, latest sale price, school boundaries as well as a tax evaluation. Available data varies by how recently the house sold or whether is part of a home for sale listing. These apps are also used by realtors to interact with their clients or to obtain information on a certain home.

Financing Queries

The apps market also has applications for financing concerns. This is helpful for buyers as they can include homeowner association fees and property taxes in the mortgage calculator. These apps can help in deciding to purchase or rent a property, show the tax savings if the user chooses to purchase and bring up an amortization schedule.

Magic Floor Plan

A mobile app allows a user to take pictures of a room and the app makes an instant floor plan. This app shows the dimensions of every room and the location of the home’s windows and doors. The user can use the floor plan to estimate the materials needed for a project and to decide on furniture placements