Certainly one of major things in 2 of the approach is of dealing with data but these two works in various manner.

In File Server Database approach the information is kept in the file and user need to take data from the file. When any change will be managed to get is on the file application that’s open .The file and knowledge writes to those files. If 10 users are online on data then 10 will work and writing around the file.

Inside a client server approach information is still kept in personal files but controlled with a server all of the access within the hands of server. When any one of application wants to utilize existing data then application request is send to server. Next server reads the request and send feedback. When any one of application really wants to writes something on record the request is send to server the server writes around the file. A single person reads and writes out of this documents.

Oracle, Informix, Microsoft Sql Server are the most useful suit illustration of client server databases. Single user desktop much like Microsoft access.

There are numerous benefits of client server databases.

1)Single program studying and writing data the less possibility of accidental changes or crashes of information.

2)Only single program play good role of security so enforcement of security is simple.

3)Client server databases use network bandwidth more proficiently then file server databases.

4)Everything is handling by single computes so performance is nice and quite impressive.

5)Client-servers databases apply certain good features that safeguard our data much like logging transactions and recovery from disk and network errors.

A few of these features can be found in file server approach however these require more costly client server market. You may also find out more on us dot internet interview questions.

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